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To preserve the history, integrity and future of the city’s namesake and oldest high school, The Harrison Trust is committed to helping alumni maintain connections with each other and their alma mater. This is a place for alumni to connect with each other, to share memories and their mutual fondness for their alma mater and to see how they can continue to be a part of Rome.

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It is with pleasure and pride that we dedicate this site to LA High alumnus, Steve Russell, who passed away in November, 2015. In 2004, Steve created a spirited website for his Class of 1964. Initially conceived as a tool for planning and promoting their reunions, Steve expanded the site in 2005 to serve all classes. It quickly became a site that offered much more to LAHS Alumni, including an online archive of nostalgia, memorabilia and a location for people to access digital copies of yearbooks. The Harrison Trust promised Steve we would not only preserve his “labor of love” but provide even more for L A High Alumni. We are honored to continue his legacy and his wish to help Romans of every decade stay connected with each other and to LA High.

Homage to Steven Vincent Russell S’64

stevenrussellIn the best and highest meaning of the word, Steve was a lover. He worked and lived with love — love of intelligence, his own and others — love of excellence, his own and others — love of honesty, his own and others — love of reason, his own and others — love of doing the right thing, himself and by others, and his love of diligent service to his communities, including family, condominium association, high school alma mater, amateur radio club, etc., invariably taking on leadership responsibilities to insure the quality of existence of each community.

He exemplified the essence of a true leader and an accomplished human being. He sought and initiated collaborations to bring alumni on campus to take their place as stakeholders to help the school meet the challenges confronting the public education in Los Angeles.

His 2004 creation of the website grew to become information central for thousands of alumni. Almost single handedly, Steve engineered the site to include a database of some 25,000 fellow LA High alumni, accessible to all. He obtained yearbooks going back some eight decades and digitized them to make up a site-accessible archive. His site provided for posting of messages, articles, etc., by alumni to reach out to fellow alums. The site has been transferred to the LAHS Alice G. Harrison Trust to perpetuate its utility for future alumni classes.

Steve was a man who never surrendered, but who invariably found the paths to meaningful engagement, adding meaning of his own. He will be missed, but he left enough of himself incarnate in the things he did to keep us smiling about ever having known and worked with him.

—Ken Marsh W’58
Alumni on Campus (AoC)