The Trust

AboutUsLos Angeles High School, the City’s namesake, is the oldest public high school in the County. Since 1873 the faculty and staff of LAHS have provided legions of students with the foundational tools and experiences upon which they could build their future.

In 1958 L.A. High Alumnus, Alice G. Harrison – Class of 1895! – left her entire estate to her beloved Los Angeles High School. In 1960, Alumni Court was created in her honor. Still standing, Alumni Court, which is located at the north-west corner of the campus, includes Harrison Hall, Memorial Hall and a professional catering kitchen, and is the site of many school and community events.

In 1962, with the funds of the estate, The Alice G. Harrison Memorial Trust was established. Overseen by a Board of Trustees headed by Alumni, and including school administrators and teachers, “The Harrison Trust” was organized – per the terms of Ms. Harrison’s will – to provide “exceptional educational opportunities and experiences which would not otherwise be available to the students of the Los Angeles High School through public funds.” Over the years, utilizing the interest earned on investments, the Trust has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in student scholarships and educational opportunities as well as substantial support for facilities, athletics, academics and the arts.

In order to make an even greater impact on our proud institution, in collaboration with alumni and the LAHS Community, the Harrison Trust is excited to expand its tasks to include grant writing, fundraising and the facilitation of partnering opportunities. With an Executive Director in an office on campus, the Trust is a vital partner at LA High, intimately connected to the school allowing for a deep understanding of both the goals and needs of students and alumni.

As a 501c3 non-profit entity, donations are tax-deductible and go directly to support Los Angeles High School and its students.