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1935 Student Handbook

HANDBOOK of STUDENT information Los Angeles High School Published April 11,1935 Index to Hand Book Every student in the school is urged to buy a copy of the Handbook which contains information of value and importance.  The book is being sold at the book store at nominal cost. SCHOOL MOTTO Obedience to Law, Respect for… Continue Reading

Cheers and Songs

“HAIL, HAIL to LA High” Hail! Hail! To LA High; noble and strong. Thy colors blue and white call forth our song. With praises ringing, true, loyal hearts we bring. Hail! Hail! To LA High, of thee we sing. Hail! Hail! To LA High; our love for thee. Still lingers close around thy memory. With… Continue Reading

Alma Mater

Hail, Hail to L.A. High! Noble and Strong, Thy Colors Blue and White Call Forth Our Song. With Praises Ringing True Loyal Hearts We Bring; Hail, Hail to L.A. High Of Thee We Sing. Hail, Hail to L.A. High! Our Love for Thee Still Lingers Close Around Thy Memory. With Never Dying Faith In Thy… Continue Reading