Centennial Event


Los Angeles High School….. the City’s namesake….. the first public high school in Los Angeles County….. the pride of countless notable alumni…..

celebrates 100 years at Olympic and Rimpau!

October 20 & 21, 2017

Original LA High downtown on Broadway – 1873

Originally built in 1873 on a hill on North Broadway and after one relocation downtown, in 1917 LA High found a permanent home at Olympic and Rimpau. Although the face of Rome may have changed, the spirit continues to thrive. Join The Harrison Trust, dignitaries, alumni, friends and neighbors as we celebrate 100 years in the Mid-Wilshire community with a weekend chock-full of exciting people and events highlighting a new era in Rome. Check back regularly as we add information and be sure to subscribe to receive regular updates.

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    • The Harrison Trust meetings are not open meetings. However there are alumni groups that meet. Are you interested in attending an alumni meeting or in getting involved in the Centennial planning? Please feel free to email me any questions at harrisontrustlahs@gmail.com or for further info.

  1. Hi, Joyce. Your Web site looks wonderful! Just one comment: L.A. High is not just the oldest public high school in L.A. County; it’s the oldest in all of Southern California.

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