LAHS Emerges Victorious in Regional JPL Invention Challenge Competition

Two LAHS teams entered the 2016  JPL Invention Challenge Competition: Team Diamond and Team Dynamic Nonagon. The Los Angeles Regional Competition took place on November 19, 2016 at Augustus Hawkins High School where forty schools participated. Team Diamond took 1st place while Team Dynamic Nonagon took 3rd!

The challenge was to transfer 250 grams of water and a plastic fish from a plastic cup to another container 2 meters away. Students are to complete this task without spilling any water, or very little, in a minimal amount of time.

Team Diamond completed the challenge in 2.25 seconds (watch the video here), placing them in 1st place.

Team Dynamic Nonagon completed the challenge in 2.52 seconds (watch the video here). They were only 0.03 seconds behind the second place team placing them in 3rd place.

Congratulations Team Diamond and Team Dynamic Nonagon!


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